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  1. WK: In fact, a design of the windmill that it was in the book,
    व क: वास्तव में, किताब में पवन चक्की का डिजाईन,
  2. In fact , it was the Commonwealth which was transformed .
    वास्तव में , राष्ट्रमंडल का ही रूपांतरण हो गया .
  3. most widely read children's author, in fact.
    सबसे ज्यादा पढ़े जाना वाला बच्चो का लेखक हूँ, सच में
  4. In fact, I've developed some interesting tools
    वास्तव में, मैंने कुछ दिलचस्प उपकरण विकसित किया है
  5. A little-known fact about India in the 1990s
    ९० के दशक के भारत के बारे में कम ही लोग ये जानते है कि
  6. And in fact, even space itself is turning into a service.
    असल में, स्थान भी अब एक सेवा में बदलता जा रहा है.
  7. Shri Guru Vallabh , tell facts and reveal their secrets.
    श्री गुरु बल्लभ तत्त्व सुनायो लीला भेद बतायो।
  8. they do well, in fact very well,
    वे अच्छी तरह से करते हैं, वास्तव में बहूत अच्छा करते हैं,
  9. The existence of war was purely a question of fact .
    युद्ध Zका होला बिलकुल एक तथ्य पर आधारित प्रश्न था .
  10. There is , in fact no single type of modern sari .
    सच तो यह है कि आधुनिक साड़ी की कोई एक किस्म नहीं है .


  1. a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred; "first you must collect all the facts of the case"
  2. a concept whose truth can be proved; "scientific hypotheses are not facts"
  3. a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened; "he supported his argument with an impressive array of facts"
  4. an event known to have happened or something known to have existed; "your fears have no basis in fact"; "how much of the story is fact and how much fiction is hard to tell"

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