facsimile meaning in Hindi

[ fæk'simili ] sound:
facsimile sentence in Hindi
• प्रतिलिपि
• प्रतिच्छाया
• फ़ैक्स
• ठीक निकल
• ठीक सदृश्य
• अनुलिपि
• आनबान
• प्रतिकृति
• प्रतिरूप

• अनुकृति
• मुखन प्रतिकृति
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  1. For years, delicatessens in Manhattan have taken orders by facsimile.
  2. The warrant or certified copy may be produced by facsimile transmission.
  3. The Suns have a reasonable facsimile of Majerle in Michael Finley.
  4. Consumer electronics goods including telephones, answering machines and facsimile machines.
  5. Does anyone have a recipe that might be a reasonable facsimile?
  6. Not quite a real back door, but a reasonable facsimile.
  7. I stammered, as if that conferred prestige on the facsimile.
  8. Just don't do it to print facsimiles of currency.
  9. Now, they head home, or to a reasonable facsimile.
  10. To talk about facsimiles of entertainment doesn't make sense.
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  1. duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio
    synonyms:facsimile machine, fax
  2. an exact copy or reproduction
  1. send something via a facsimile machine; "Can you fax me the report right away?"
    synonyms:fax, telefax

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