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  1. Anna exposits that Don bought the house for her.
  2. It also exposits on and develops what became commonly called the social welfare function.
  3. Ausubel and Milgrom ( 2006a, 2006b ) exposit and elaborate on these ideas.
  4. Relaxing the requirement that all individuals be spheres yields a formalization of mereology far easier to exposit than Lesniewski's variant.
  5. Lou snaps Michelle's neck, and exposits that he took out the perpetrators of the original massacre minutes after it occurred.
  6. Pasinetti exposits his own contributions to this field as a summary of the Von Neumann model, showing both its merits and limitations.
  7. DJ exposits that Ray had forced DJ to plant the gun in John Deardy's locker to keep Ray from getting in too much trouble for the yearbook prank.
  8. A group of French mathematicians, including Jean Dieudonn?and Andr?Weil, publishing under the pseudonym " Nicolas Bourbaki ", attempted to exposit all of known mathematics as a coherent rigorous whole.
  9. Dearly exposits to X-Ray that he plans to take one of his eyes and transplant it to CC . However, this is postponed due to X-Ray regurgitating on Dearly.
  10. She further exposits the issues revolving around gender equality that were mainly brought to her attention by how she and her colleagues suddenly started getting promoted from their " ghetto " lab positions right into proper titles.

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