explosive decompression meaning in Hindi

explosive decompression sentence in Hindi

• विस्फोटी विसंपीडन
explosive:    फटनेवाला बारूद
decompression:    विसंपीडन दबाव को
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  1. She helped administer oxygen to passengers after the plane suffered Explosive decompression.
  2. Shrapnel from the engine may have punctured the fuselage, causing explosive decompression.
  3. The resulting explosive decompression blew out several rows of seats, killing 9 passengers.
  4. Peggy is seriously injured when her room suffers an explosive decompression.
  5. Twenty-five, mostly victims who were seated near windows, showed signs of explosive decompression.
  6. This causes explosive decompression and the creature explodes, finally killing it.
  7. This resulted in the explosive decompression of the unsealed chamber.
  8. :: : : : I thought explosive decompression was a form of rapid decompression?
  9. The silicony itself is fatally injured from the explosive decompression.
  10. An example of explosive decompression is Aloha Airlines Flight 243.
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