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• विस्फोटक यौगिक
explosive:    फटनेवाला बारूद
compound:    आंगन समास घेरा
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  1. Specifically, he was interested in the explosive compound "'silver fulminate " '.
  2. All explosive compounds have a certain amount of energy required to initiate.
  3. He is known for his work on the explosive compound Nitroglycerine.
  4. In addition, it can form explosive compounds when combined with alcohols.
  5. Although tetryl is among the most toxic explosive compounds, it is very short-lived.
  6. Explosive compounds may exist in material states that limit their application.
  7. "' HHTDD "'is a powerful but moisture sensitive explosive compound.
  8. It does not necessarily involve different explosive compounds.
  9. When the light components in crude oil evaporate over time, they form an explosive compound with air.
  10. Carney said the dogs can detect 12, 000 different explosives compounds made from 20 main explosives materials.
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  1. a compound that is explosive

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