explosive box meaning in Hindi

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• विस्फोटक पेटी
explosive:    फटनेवाला बारूद
box:    बक्स कटोरा मंजूषा
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  1. Only George Lucas could disappoint critics, alienate theater operators and irritate hard-core fans by creating the most grating character since Barney _ and still reap an explosive box office.
  2. If, as the poll suggests, many people want to see their values reflected on the big screen, how does one account for the explosive box-office popularity of a film as violent as " Die Hard "?
  3. "Muhammad : The Last Prophet, " a strenuously respectful cartoon rendering of the prophet's life, has little in common with both the controversial violence and explosive box office success of " The Passion, " but the two films depended on religious followers in their marketing efforts.

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