explosive bomb meaning in Hindi

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• विस्फोटी बम
explosive:    फटनेवाला बारूद
bomb:    बम बम का गोला बहुत
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  1. After that, the squadron flew conventional bombing missions using high explosive bombs.
  2. Until then the squadron flew conventional strategic bombing missions using high explosive bombs.
  3. Until then, exercises are to continue with non-explosive bombs and shells.
  4. The latest Navy exercises have used non-explosive bombs, but the protests have continued.
  5. He's armed with a chainsaw explosive bombs and fires off guns.
  6. High Explosive bombs were dropped on railway stations, ammunition dumps and other buildings.
  7. Some of the surface-to-air missiles were armed with conventional, high-explosive bombs.
  8. High-explosive bombs were no longer carried and were replaced by incendiaries.
  9. An Auxiliary Fire Station was completely demolished by a very large high explosive bomb.
  10. A week later, the Navy resumed exercises using non-explosive bombs.
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