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• विस्फोटी प्रस्फोट
explosive:    फटनेवाला बारूद
blast:    झकोरा झुलस झोंका
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  1. A black hole's final moment might be an explosive blast of radiation.
  2. This dramatically lessens the casualties from shrapnel or high explosive blast.
  3. The explosive blast expands directly away from, perpendicular to, the surface of an explosive.
  4. This ability allows Androxus to fly for four seconds and fire four explosive blasts.
  5. An ill-timed explosive blast at the junction works almost derailed the Flying Scotsman on 24 October.
  6. The Montserrat volcano has no history of explosive blasts that could shoot ash to dangerous altitudes, Lynch said.
  7. Saruman's orcs used an explosive blast of fire within the culvert which, when detonated, breached the long Deeping Wall.
  8. The idea behind the nuclear warheads in a torpedo was to create a much bigger and more explosive blast.
  9. Whitman has used it to block and absorb the energy of everything from Nitro's explosive blasts to fire to punches.
  10. The scarlet and black bolts are used as offensive weapons and generate powerful explosive blasts when they hit their target.
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