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• आयतन
• प्रसार
• फैलाव
• विस्तार
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  1. The son saw great expanses of cultivated corn and bean fields.
  2. The bright, snowy expanses offer some relief from the glumness.
  3. Instead, the public preserves protect desert expanses and craggy mountains.
  4. Broad expanses of southern Illinois inundated last week were still submerged.
  5. Iraq's strength lies in its expanses of quality farmland.
  6. For example, vast expanses of Manchurian forest were chopped down.
  7. The region has large expanses of mangroves which dominate the swamps.
  8. They have reintroduced plains bison to the vast expanses of grass.
  9. Inside fire perimeters, large expanses of forest were completely untouched.
  10. North and south facades are relatively austere expanses punctuated with windows.
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