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• प्रसारी विश्‍व
expanding:    विस्तार प्रसारी
universe:    कायनात समस्त
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  1. A purple balloon floats above a few sentences about the expanding universe.
  2. A correlation length cannot be larger than metric of the expanding universe.
  3. If this relationship were true, then it would indicate an expanding Universe.
  4. The expanding universe carries other galaxies away from our own Milky Way.
  5. Hubble's law and the discovery of the expanding Universe were his greatest achievements.
  6. Astronomers interpret the red shift as evidence of an expanding universe.
  7. Both Friedmann and Lema�tre proposed relativistic cosmologies featuring an expanding universe.
  8. He later retracted, on the discovery that the expanding universe made it unneeded.
  9. In an expanding universe, however, there are two effects that change this relation.
  10. It was this interpretation that led to the concept of the expanding universe.
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