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  1. Scheler's philosophy forms the basis of Viktor Frankl's logotherapy and existential analysis.
  2. Frankl's 32 books on existential analysis and logotherapy have been translated into 26 languages.
  3. Van Deurzen created the method of Structural Existential Analysis ( SEA ) to make her work more systematic.
  4. In this work he explains existential analysis as an empirical science that involves an anthropological approach to the individual essential character of being human.
  5. In Austria, Viktor Frankl developed an existential therapy called logotherapy and existential analysis ( Frankl, 1964, 1967 ), which focused particularly on finding meaning.
  6. In Europe, after Otto Rank, existential ideas were combined with some psychoanalytic principles and a method of existential analysis was developed by Medard Boss ( 1957a, 1957b, 1979 ) in close co-operation with Heidegger.
  7. He is an honorary member of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis-Vienna ( GLE-International ), of the Systemic Society ( SG ), and of the international Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications ( GTA ).
  8. This conclusion served as a strong basis for his logotherapy and existential analysis, which Frankl had described before World War II . He is quoted as saying, " " What is to give light must endure burning . ""
  9. The movement is sometimes referred to as philosophical counselling and it is also connected with and related to Existential Therapy, which has thrived in the United Kingdom since the establishment of the Society for Existential Analysis ( SEA ) in London in 1988.
  10. Todd Martens of the " Los Angeles Times " cited " 808s & Heartbreak " as " the template [ . . . ] for essentially the entirety of Drake's young career ", and that wrote that he " shares West's love for mood and never-ending existential analysis ".

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