excited atom meaning in Hindi

excited atom sentence in Hindi

• उत्तेजित परमाणु
• उत्‍तेजित परमाणु
excited:    उत्‍तेजित उतेजित
atom:    कण परमाणु जरा भी
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  1. Also, it was noted that excited atoms emit radiation with discrete frequencies.
  2. The smileys :-( and :-) represent ground and optically excited atoms, respectively.
  3. It has rather a simple structure to indicate energy levels of excited atom.
  4. These two photons can each stimulate two more excited atoms, and so on.
  5. The ejected photoelectron interacts with electrons in the surrounding non-excited atoms.
  6. There is also photon emission by de-excited atoms and molecules in the gases.
  7. Often it accompanies light emission from excited atoms or molecules in the gas.
  8. Many such excited atoms induce emissions of photons sufficient for laser action to occur.
  9. A well-known example from quantum mechanics is the explanation for the excited atoms of hydrogen.
  10. Indirect photoionization can then occur when electron collisions with the excited atom eject an atomic electron.
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