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  1. "Ex gratia " means as a favor, with no legal obligations.
  2. Malaysia Airlines offered " ex gratia " condolence payments soon after the disappearance.
  3. It provides non-binding recommendations for return or for ex gratia payments.
  4. The family received an ex gratia award of ?50.
  5. A successful FEPOW applicant is entitled to an " ex gratia " payment of ?0, 000.
  6. The " ex gratia " payments were capped, but victims were publicly encouraged to come forward.
  7. The matter was considered by the War Cabinet which authorised ex gratia payments to the injured crew.
  8. However, on 22 November 2006, the AUD $ 200, 000 " ex gratia " payment as partial compensation.
  9. However upon visiting Ahmedabad, he raised the ex gratia figure to Rs 350, 000 ( US $ 8, 050 ).
  10. The employer may have little economic option but to offer a few months'wages ex gratia to get rid of the nuisance.


  1. as a favor; not compelled by legal right; "ex gratia payments made to nonstriking workers"

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