even out meaning in Hindi

even out sentence in Hindi
• बराबर होना
• वितरित करना
• स्थिर होना
even:    संध्या उसी क्षण
out:    हड़ताल पर बहाना
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  1. Heck, they weren't even out of the warehouse.
  2. How can I clean the grout and even out the color?
  3. Overall, the effect will be to even out our earnings,
  4. New entrants to the field hope to even out those odds.
  5. The breaks just don't even out in this game.
  6. I believe that all things even out in life, though.
  7. I hope this evens out for you somewhere down the road.
  8. Can I have more stain applied to even out that color?
  9. But even out in orbit gravity is still pulling spacecraft down.
  10. "We're not even out of August yet.
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