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  1. Clomifene is a mixture of estrogenic ( trans-form ).
  2. Studies have implicated observations of disturbances in wildlife with estrogenic exposure.
  3. Estratetraenol is sex hormones, yet has no known estrogenic effects.
  4. It has estrogenic activity similarly to estrone and 4-hydroxyestrone.
  5. Soy contains phytoestrogens called isoflavones that do have a weak estrogenic effect.
  6. Peripheral precocious puberty has been linked to exposure to exogenous estrogenic compounds.
  7. It is reported to be the most estrogenic phytoestrogen known.
  8. Also, fennel is known to contain anethole, an estrogenic compound.
  9. The minor component o, p'- DDT has weak estrogenic activity.
  10. The estrogenic activity of parabens increases with the length of the alkyl group.


  1. relating to or caused by estrogen

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