essay examination meaning in Hindi

essay examination sentence in Hindi

निबंध परीक्षा
essay:    निबंध परीक्षण
examination:    आलोचना इम्तहान
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  1. Some jurisdictions choose to use the Multistate Essay Examination ( MEE ), drafted by the NCBE since 1988, for this purpose.
  2. Each of the five courses concludes with an optional 2-hour essay examination, which is required for those interested in achieving the designation.
  3. Certification ( CMPE ) requires candidates who have the requisite two years of relevant experience to demonstrate their proficiency through objective and essay examinations and presentations that include content from the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management.
  4. In most states, a personal injury lawyer is required to take the Multistate Bar Examination ( MBE ), the Multistate Essay Examination ( MEE ), and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination ( MPRE ) and a state bar exam.
  5. The second stage is a three-day essay examination concerning public law, civil law and criminal law, as well as subjects that can be selected by the examinee ( including labor law, environmental law, public international law, and private international law ).
  6. How did the idealistic farm boy from Stavropol who wrote his final school essay examination on the subject, " Stalin, Our Combat Glory _ Stalin, the Elation of Our Youth, " become the visionary capable of airing the great evil of the Soviet state?
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