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  1. The business raised new equity capital to support its motor underwriting operation.
  2. In a panel discussion titled " Equity Capital Is Just the Beginning,"
  3. Fokker spokesman Leo Steijn couldn't say what the company's equity capital is.
  4. In total, the company has raised $ 153 million in equity capital.
  5. Unlike other countries'foreign investment data, India's reflects only the foreign equity capital.
  6. Prudential's capital finance unit includes investment banking, research and equity capital markets.
  7. The restructuring will require an infusion of new equity capital, Marvel said.
  8. They will take stakes in corporate customers, strengthening the companies'equity capital bases.
  9. "There's a lot of equity capital and it needs to be invested ."
  10. He reports to Terry Fitzgerald and Richard Blackett, co-heads of equity capital markets.
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