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  1. The port's operations and customer links are highly computerised and supported by sophisticated equipment control systems.
  2. The construction of an effective, long-lasting asphalt pavement requires an experienced construction crew, committed to their work quality and equipment control.
  3. Last year, Lucent had $ 21 billion in revenue, and analysts said the company's equipment controls about 8 percent off the global market.
  4. During World War II, Sissons worked as part of a team of scientists providing emergency medicines for the Government's Medical Equipment Control Committee.
  5. "' DiSEqC "'( Digital Satellite Equipment Control ), pronounced " Die-Sec ", is a special communication protocol for use between a satellite antenna rotor.
  6. During the Second World War he served as chairman of the Medical Equipment Control Committee, in charge of allocating medical equipment and material for both military and civilian use.
  7. The flights, however, are being done with the cooperation of Moscow, part of the framework of the " Open Skies " treaty on equipment control that was initiated in 2002.
  8. The program was in widespread use globally and served the communications and equipment control needs of major television networks, oil producers, and North American real estate listing providers, among many others.
  9. Computerized equipment controls the cooking of french fries and computer-run holding bins keep cooked meat hot and juicy, leaving employees free to make items to order-- adding pickles or skipping special sauce as requested.
  10. The *, #, A, B, C and D keys are still widely used worldwide by amateur radio operators and commercial two-way radio systems for equipment control, repeater control, remote-base operations and some telephone communications systems.

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