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  1. Equant shares had dropped about 70 percent thus far this year.
  2. KLSE Chilong awards deal to upgrade data network to Equant, BUSINESS
  3. Equant's competitors are not standing still, however.
  4. Hyun Systems will use Equant's network mainly for Internet access.
  5. In the past few weeks, Equant has announced partners that include:
  6. France Telecom, Equant and Morgan Stanley declined to comment.
  7. Equant has talked with numerous potential partners the last year.
  8. Equant to focus on new approach, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  9. France Telecom owns a 54-percent stake in Equant.
  10. Equant's total revenue for 1998 was $ 723.7 million.

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