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  1. Epizootics in horses have continued to occur regularly in the United States.
  2. Sir Arnold Theiler was instrumental in developing a vaccine that curbed the epizootic.
  3. The virus can cause mild to severe epizootics in wild and domesticated animals.
  4. Vaccination of poultry against the ongoing H5N1 epizootic is widespread in certain countries.
  5. At unpredictable times it becomes epizootic in unexpected places.
  6. It is during these epizootic outbreaks that transmission to humans is most common.
  7. Epizootic subtypes, on the other hand, can spread rapidly through large populations.
  8. Diseases associated with this genus include : salHV-3 : epizootic epitheliotropic disease.
  9. Epizootic hemorrhagic disease is found in North America, Australia, Asia, and Africa.
  10. Epizootic hemorrhagic disease can occur throughout Indiana.
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  1. (of animals) epidemic among animals of a single kind within a particular region; "an epizootic disease"

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