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  1. It began with John 19 : 26 and included the entrustment as follows:
  2. If the child then goes out and shoots someone, the provider can be held liable for negligent entrustment.
  3. The Immaculata prayer, composed by Saint Maximillian Kolbe, is a prayer of entrustment to Mary as the Immaculata.
  4. For centuries, Catholics have performed acts of consecration and entrustment to Mary at personal, societal and regional levels.
  5. The prayer used by Pope John Paul II as his act of entrustment of all Bishops to Mary was considerably longer.
  6. The company will be liable for the negligent entrustment of the bus to that driver, if the driver is in an accident.
  7. On June 28, 2003 John Paul II entrusted Europe to the Virgin Mary, and renewed that entrustment again on August 31, 2003.
  8. People questioned that the entrustment might involve possible collusion between government and business sector, being a tactic of Leung to prepare for his succession.
  9. Negligent entrustment is generally found where the entrustee had a reputation or record that showed his propensity to be dangerous through possession of such an instrumentality.
  10. Individuals declaring their " entrustment " to Mary seek her intercession before God through her son Jesus Christ, for she herself has no divine power.
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