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इंजीनियरी संभाव्यता
engineering:    इंजीनियरी
feasibility:    औचित्य
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  1. His work included approving various proposals and determining their engineering feasibility.
  2. Several reports were published investigating the engineering feasibility of such an engineering project.
  3. The path, over 70 meters long, is to test engineering feasibility.
  4. Chen Zuo'er, China's negotiator, said British and Chinese experts would meet Tuesday to discuss the plan's environmental impact, its cost and engineering feasibility.
  5. As such, the review examined the scientific plausibility of proposed methods rather than the practical considerations such as engineering feasibility or economic cost.
  6. The alternatives developed for that study were conceptual in nature they did not look in depth at traffic, engineering feasibility, or environmental impact.
  7. An engineering feasibility study was carried out in 1994, which concluded that restoration was certainly possible, and would bring with it economic benefits to the region.
  8. However, the consultants made an assessment of the engineering feasibility and cost of a combined road-cum-gas transmission bridge, which introduced the concept of a multipurpose bridge.
  9. The decision on the location and construction of the port was preceded by a maritime and climatic survey which confirmed the engineering feasibility of its construction.
  10. Chinese scientists are conducting engineering feasibility studies for the projects, Yuan Jiajun, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Space Technology, was quoted as saying by Xinhua.
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