engineering experiment meaning in Hindi

engineering experiment sentence in Hindi

इंजीनियरी परीक्षण
engineering:    इंजीनियरी
experiment:    परख परीक्षण
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  1. They spent the following days on science and engineering experiments.
  2. I believe that this website has become an important social engineering experiment.
  3. She served in engineering experiments until 14 June 1940.
  4. They were created in a genetic engineering experiment to help power the psiberweb.
  5. The Engineering Experiment Station was renamed the Georgia Tech Research Institute in 1984.
  6. Also scheduled for the mission are three dozen medical, biotechnology and engineering experiments.
  7. UF engineering experiments in crystal growth also rode to orbit on the space shuttle.
  8. Logistics and engineering experiments were also conducted.
  9. Long-standing collaborative interactions also exist with Texas AgriLife Research and the Texas Engineering Experiment Station.
  10. Melville also established the Engineering Experiment Station ( EES ) near the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis.
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