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  1. A two-stage full-scale engineering development ( FSED ) process was opted for.
  2. The commander of Arnold Engineering Development Center is Rodney F . Todaro.
  3. The Twin-line Engineering Development Model was installed on USNS " Bold ".
  4. Engineering development was led by NCR's Joseph Desch, a brilliant inventor and engineer.
  5. Primary software engineering development for all SIEM products was in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
  6. Toshiba took over the project in 1988 and began engineering development.
  7. Software for the computers was developed entirely at the Arnold Engineering Development center.
  8. He stated that it was a " matter of straight engineering development ".
  9. In 2009, WSU opened $ 3 million Marvin I . Danto Engineering Development Center.
  10. Early on, the steam car was hampered by the timing of crucial engineering developments.

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