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अभियांत्रिकी रसायन
engineering:    इंजीनियरी
chemistry:    प्रक्रिया
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  1. A research work was published in Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research Journal.
  2. Parr became known for his work in industrial and engineering chemistry.
  3. It was later published in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.
  4. Master's programmes in Computing Science and Engineering, Engineering Chemistry and Engineering Biology were introduced during the nineties.
  5. The E . V . Murphree Award in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry awarded annually by the American Chemical Society is named in his honor.
  6. From 1911 to 1916 he was also editor of " The Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry ", one of the official journals of the American Chemical Society.
  7. Brady published three scholarly abstracts in Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry titled, " The Hydrochloride Method for the Determination of Alkaloids . " Professor Brady also authored three monographs on Household Chemistry for Girls.
  8. Among the personal notes about members of what is now the American Chemical Society, in the November 1920 issue of the Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, is an announcement that Jacobs was leaving the federal government.
  9. The March 1947 issue of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry presented a collection of articles about fluorine chemistry, starting with the generation and handling of fluorine, and going on to discuss the synthesis of organofluorides and related topics.
  10. Apart from this, for the purpose of promoting higher studies and research, the Institute has research centres in the fields of civil engineering, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering mathematics, environmental engineering, and engineering chemistry.
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