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  1. Some are lovely, some engagingly eccentric and some downright ugly.
  2. The plot unfolds engagingly, if not unpredictably, from there.
  3. Critics might not be terribly kind to this engagingly little fairy tale.
  4. "Junior " boasts an engagingly absurd concept.
  5. Sinatra can talk knowledgeably and engagingly about music and many other things.
  6. All offer engagingly varied approaches to an increasingly diversified slice of life.
  7. The strapping, muscular Moses engagingly captures Abner's gallumphing ways.
  8. It is complete, clear, engagingly written and neutral.
  9. The quiet-spoken Levine is a contrast to the engagingly enthusiastic Guber.
  10. Ethan Brown was Cinderella's engagingly dopey father.
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  1. in an engaging manner; "she played the role engagingly"
  2. in an engaging manner; "she played the role engagingly"

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