encounter group meaning in Hindi

encounter group sentence in Hindi

• एनकाउन्टर समूह
• प्रशिक्षण समूह
encounter:    मुठभेड़ आकस्मिक
group:    समूह गुट ग्रूप
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  1. Seminars, encounter groups and talk shows make talking a secular national religion.
  2. There were also a series of encounter groups focused on racial prejudice.
  3. The leader of the encounter group was tall, thin and clean-shaven.
  4. A commercialized strand of the encounter group movement developed into large-group awareness training.
  5. Twice he became incensed in encounter groups and threatened to punch other inmates.
  6. Some of these group sessions included " encounter group "-style expression and body work.
  7. Suddenly, encounter groups began sprouting like mushrooms after a rain.
  8. The NFL is turning into the world's largest encounter group.
  9. At times it was almost like an encounter group.
  10. Conflicting reports of injuries sustained in Encounter group sessions began to appear in the press.
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  1. a meeting of people to develop mutual understanding by freely expressing emotions

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