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  1. Enantiodromia launches a different perspective .'We begin to travel [ up ] through the healing spirals . . . straight up '.
  2. Enantiodromia also refers to the process whereby one seeks out and embraces an opposing quality from within, internalizing it in a way that results in individual wholeness.
  3. Only subsequently would come'an enantiodromia; the " nigredo " gives way to the " albedo " . . . the ever deepening descent into the unconscious suddenly becomes illumination from above'
  4. Nevertheless, Jung remained of the opinion that while'no one should deny the danger of the descent . . . every descent is followed by an ascent . . . enantiodromia'; and assimilation of rather than possession by the shadow becomes at last a real possibility.
  5. The grand plan on which the unconscious life of the psyche is constructed is so inaccessible to our understanding that we can never know what evil may not be necessary in order to produce good by enantiodromia, and what good may very possibly lead to evil . ( " The Phenomenology of the Spirit in Fairytales ", " Collected Works 9i ", par . 397)

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