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  1. Limoges has been a center of enameling since the third century.
  2. In 1903 the Lafayette Stamping and Enameling Co . was founded.
  3. This made the use of enameling ideal during this time period.
  4. Enameling the drawings would have cost $ 50, 000.
  5. Lewis PWF method also pioneered the enameling of lightweight iron filigree beads.
  6. The Edwardian years were big on guilloche enameling and engine-turned engraving.
  7. Meenakari then involves enameling to define the design details.
  8. Moore Enameling and Jones Metal also manufactured enamelware.
  9. The process differs from enameling in many respects.
  10. Eisch later resorted to enameling the exteriors of his pieces to strengthen his forms.
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