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  1. It is more potent and selective than emodin.
  2. Emodin derived from aloe showed both positive and negative results in vitro, but was negative in vivo.
  3. Emodin was mutagenic in the Salmonella / microsome assay, but gave inconsistent results in gene mutation assays.
  4. The chemicals primarily responsible for the laxative action are the hydroxyanthracene glycosides ( particularly D ), and emodin.
  5. "' Aloe emodin "'is an anthraquinone present in aloe latex, an exudate from the aloe plant.
  6. These act as stimulant laxatives, with the hydroanthracene glycosides stimulating peristalsis, and emodin exciting smooth muscle cells in the large intestine.
  7. Studies have shown that the extract from cascara bark also contains a substance called emodin, which may have anti-cancer effects.
  8. Emodin is also responsible for some of the laxative effect, due to its excitation of smooth muscle cells in the large intestine.
  9. Rhubarb contains anthraquinones including rhein, and emodin and their glycosides ( e . g . glucorhein ), which impart cathartic and laxative properties.
  10. The roots contain emodin and the seeds contain chrysarobin ( 1, 8-dihydroxy-3-methyl-9-anthrone ) and N-methylmorpholine.

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