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  1. A study on knock out epsins 1 and 2 in mice showed embryonic death at day 10.
  2. Once the embryo is attached, infection from days 29 41 can result in embryonic infection and resultant embryonic death.
  3. It appears possible that either condition could cause embryonic death, or that both chromosomes could be responsible for sex selection.
  4. Knock out of the entire pathway results in early embryonic death, therefore most research of this nature utilised conditional knockouts of the pathway.
  5. Other results of Cripto disruption include the lack of posterior structures . and a block on the differentiation of cardiac myocyte, . both of which lead to embryonic death.
  6. For example, inactivation of Cripto during gastrulation disrupted the migration of newly formed mesenchymal mesoderm cells, resulting in the accumulation of cells around the primitive streak and eventual embryonic death.
  7. Mutations in " SMN2 " alone do not lead to disease, although mutations in both " SMN1 " and " SMN2 " result in embryonic death.
  8. The oil can also affect the eggs laid by affected females, often resulting in embryonic death or low birth weight . 5-20 microliters of oil can kill embryos if the egg comes into contact.

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