emboss meaning in Hindi

emboss sentence in Hindi

उभरी मुहर लगाना
समुद् भृत करना
अलंकृत करना
नक्काशी करना
गुलकारी करना
बेल बूटा काढ़ना
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  1. City officials still emboss their business cards with stagecoaches and galloping horses.
  2. These wrappers include BLAST, Clustal, PhyML, EMBOSS and SAMtools.
  3. EMBOSS applications are released under the GNU General Public Licence.
  4. You can emboss the paper to give it a textured design, Green said.
  5. Iwata's idea later evolved into using a special ink to emboss the pictures.
  6. They even had a hot stamping machine that could emboss the trademark KAY cursive script.
  7. _Pack Date : Manufacturers either stamp it on the package or emboss it on cans.
  8. In current times most popular form seen is Sunehri Munawwati Nakkashi work which means gold emboss work.
  9. The EBI Soaplab Web Services, includes most EMBOSS applications that are suitable for launching through Web Services.
  10. Then he realized that the same process could enable a gun to emboss bullet casings with a unique symbol.
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  1. raise in a relief; "embossed stationery"

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