elusion meaning in Hindi

elusion sentence in Hindi
• कपट
• चकमा
• छल
• टाल-मटोल
• बचाव
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  1. They teamed up to form the group, Elusion.
  2. Of all the last-minute campaign strategies, however, it appears that only Frisa has chosen the tactic of elusion.
  3. Just this week when I wrote Saddam Hussein's name, the spell check gave me back : " Sudden Elusion ."
  4. To question whether Iraqis are better off with Saddam out of power; to repeatedly refer to the importance of our diplomatic cooperation with a nonexistent Soviet Union; to dismiss the significance of snaring Saddam after months of using his elusion of capture as a sign of failure; to criticize the Bush administration's energy plan and penchant for secrecy while keeping 145 boxes of records from his own tenure as governor sealed from public view; all of this is fine when no one is paying attention.


  1. the act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning)
    synonyms:slip, eluding

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