electrocute meaning in Hindi

electrocute sentence in Hindi
बिजली से मर जाना
बिजली से मार डालना
बिजली द्वारा अपराधी को मृत्यु दण्ड देना
बिजली से मार डालना
बिजली से मर जाना
बिजली के करंट से मृत्युदंड देना
बिजली से मरना या मारना
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  1. A bald eagle, on exhibit outside, was nearly electrocuted.
  2. But birds can be electrocuted in some circumstances, says Petersen.
  3. He was supposed to be electrocuted at midnight on a Sunday,
  4. Davenport quivered like a cartoon character who had just been electrocuted.
  5. One man was electrocuted when a live wire fell on him.
  6. In 1992, Michael Hendricks was electrocuted during a visit home.
  7. Four elephants were electrocuted in 1997 in the same forest area.
  8. Many others have drowned or been electrocuted since the monsoon began.
  9. The cab was also damaged, and the horse was electrocuted.
  10. Jill is electrocuted to death, which also causes a blackout.


  1. kill by electrocution, as in the electric chair; "The serial killer was electrocuted"
  2. kill by electric shock; "She dropped the hair dryer into the bathtub and was instantly electrocuted"

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