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  1. So please also see electret microphone and its external links.
  2. For example, they are used in electret microphones and in copy machines.
  3. Electret materials have found commercial and technical interest.
  4. Nearly all cell-phone, computer, PDA and headset microphones are electret types.
  5. It is often used for powering electret microphones, which will not function without power.
  6. Excess charge within an electret decays exponentially.
  7. TSC is useful for electret research.
  8. :Mostlikely electret mics are used.
  9. More sensitive than dynamic mikes, these electret condenser microphones promise to capture the subtle nuances of voice.
  10. Modern electret microphones use PTFE plastic, either in film or solute form, to form the electret.
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