elan meaning in Hindi

elan sentence in Hindi
• उत्साह
• ऊर्जा
• जोश
• जोश
• वेग
• मनोहर ढंग
• आवेग
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  1. Paul Allen, Elan Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, the Ansari family,
    पॉल ऎलेन, एलान मस्क, रिचार्ड ब्रैन्सन, जेफ बेज़ोस, अन्सारी परिवार
  2. From the 1960s , there was a new Ashok Kumar playing character roles with an elan seldom seen in Bollywood .
    1960 के दशक से अशोक कुमार ने चरित्र भूमिकाएं उस उत्साह और ऊर्जा से निभानी शुरू कीं , जो पहले नहीं देखी गई थीं .


  1. enthusiastic and assured vigor and liveliness; "a performance of great elan and sophistication"
  2. distinctive and stylish elegance; "he wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer"
    synonyms:, , ,
  3. a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause); "they were imbued with a revolutionary ardor"; "he felt a kind of religious zeal"
    synonyms:, ,

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