earned income meaning in Hindi

earned income sentence in Hindi

अर्जित आय
earned:    उपार्जित अजित
income:    मुनाफा लाभ
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  1. Harris prefers no taxes on earned incomes under $ 20, 000, period.
  2. There is a way, however, to avoid paying taxes on earned income.
  3. Labor currently finds favor with government as the result of earned income.
  4. The earned income tax credit for low-income people would also be expanded.
  5. Earned income over $ 200 a year is supposed to be reported.
  6. But any earned income in this country is still susceptible to taxation.
  7. And it made no attempt to cut the Earned Income Tax Credit.
  8. The report also urges states to establish state earned income tax credits.
  9. _Expand income limit for earned income tax credit by $ 3, 000.
  10. Whitman called for an earned income tax credit for the working poor.
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