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• तीक्ष्णदृष्टि वाला
eagle:    गरुड़ गरूड़ गिद्ध
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  1. His next film was " Eagle Eye ", released on September 26.
  2. He has also appeared in the 2008 thriller " Eagle Eye ".
  3. The way Lett was playing, the only fear was in Eagle eyes.
  4. Eagle Eye Cherry, Jon B ., Bob Marley and Natalie Imbruglia.
  5. Things are not always what they seem, even for those with eagle eyes.
  6. A couple of prominent cultural references seem to have escaped Lighter's eagle eye.
  7. Artists from Beck to Eagle Eye Cherry to Bonnie Raitt cover their songs.
  8. During the 2010 / 11 Ashes series it was known as Eagle Eye.
  9. Rowland and her fiance Todd Hartman watch their finances with an eagle eye.
  10. "The eagle eye is on you when you're the man, " he said.
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