dust off meaning in Hindi

dust off sentence in Hindi
फिर से शुरु करना
dust:    गड़बड़ चूरा साफ़
off:    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
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  1. And Greenspan might dust off his remarks about " irrational exuberance ."
  2. Then they dust off their degrees and split for more lucrative occupations.
  3. Clean dust off decorative candles with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol.
  4. Cleaning the construction dust off the touchable bronze model of the moon.
  5. We also saw Prime Time dust off his end zone dance.
  6. Mickey must dust off portraits hanging on the castle walls in matching pairs.
  7. If not, he may want to dust off his clubs . . ..
  8. It should also blow some of the dust off the Beatles'image.
  9. Then use the compressed air to blow the dust off the circuit board.
  10. I may have to dust off some of our play-action passes,
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