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driven well sentence in Hindi

वेधित कूप
driven:    चालित
well:    भलाई लाभ कटघरा
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  1. But technology-driven Wells Fargo swears by databases with financial profiles of prospective customers.
  2. Paul Tracy has driven well at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for years.
  3. Virginia International Raceway is a track I have never driven well.
  4. Gordon had driven well at the circuit, but without finishing.
  5. Analysts said investors were snapping up shares of companies that have been driven well below their previous highs in recent months.
  6. To date, Vitug's project has reached 15, 000 attendees and has driven well over 28, 000 miles across the United States.
  7. Already 3 down at that point, Driscoll had driven well left beneath a tree and for some reason he chose to gamble.
  8. Woods had driven well right into the rough, perhaps his only bad shot of the afternoon, and a tree blocked his path.
  9. Durant doesn't have the same confidence in his iron play but has driven well and is making the putts he needs to.
  10. Because the ferrite will be driven well beyond saturation, it will end up uniformly magnetised even if the field generated by the coil is not that uniform.
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  1. a well made by driving a tube into the earth to a stratum that bears water

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