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  1. Professional integrity has driven members to oppose their boss when necessary.
  2. When the clutch is disengaged and the driven member is stationary.
  3. Early designs were typically dog clutches with a cam on the driven member used to disengage the dogs at the appropriate point.
  4. The scarcity of dung in their habitat appears to have driven members of this genus to improvise a dung substitute from available materials.
  5. She readily admits, though, that Perry is the more driven member of the duo in pursuing the ethnic musics that have made Dead Can Dance so hard to characterize.
  6. Human rights groups claim that all sides in the Bosnian war, but particularly Serbs, have systematically driven members of other groups from territory they hold while trying to obliterate their culture.
  7. In these devices, one shaft is typically attached to an engine or other power unit ( the driving member ) while the other shaft ( the driven member ) provides output power for work.
  8. At the end of one revolution, if the trip lever has been reset, it catches the end of the spring ( or a pawl attached to it ) and the angular momentum of the driven member releases the tension on the spring.
  9. Of a stock ensemble ranging from the professorial Andrew Keir and Thorley Walters, to such striking leading ladies as Barbara Shelley and Martine Beswick, to memorable eccentrics like Michael Ripper and a young Donald Sutherland, the ablest and most driven member was Peter Cushing.
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