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परिचालित गियर
driven:    चालित
gear:    औजार कपड़े गियर भूल
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  1. And certainly not spring-driven gear trains that could be used to build things like mechanical clocks.
  2. At this ratio it means that the drive gear must make 1.62 revolutions to turn the driven gear once.
  3. The wing was pivoted by an electrically driven gear mechanism located inside the fuselage, just forward of the engines.
  4. a Mason engine dating from around 1901 and a Stanley engine, serial F290, complete with driven gear and spider gears.
  5. It also means that for every one revolution of the driver, the driven gear has made 1 / 1.62, or 0.62, revolutions.
  6. The crown wheel was used latterly to drive the electricity generator, with one of the stone nuts being adapted as the driven gear.
  7. The idler gear serves to make both the drive gear and the driven gear rotate in the same direction, but confers no mechanical advantage.
  8. Each one uses a ground gear, a driving gear, a driven gear, and a gear / coaxial tube / pointer, thus, twelve gears additional in all.
  9. As the slot drove the second gear, the radius of driving would change, thus invoking a speeding up and slowing down of the driven gear in each revolution.
  10. When a gear-train is reversed the driving gear is turned a short distance, equal to the total of all the backlashes, before the final driven gear begins to rotate.
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