drag fold meaning in Hindi

drag fold sentence in Hindi

• कर्षज वलन
• संकर्षण वलन
drag:    तलकर्षण करना
fold:    टेंट बंद पड़ना
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  1. And the captain ' s sword was in the ground where ivan had pounded it ? ? through the dragging folds of his long coat
  2. A right lateral strike slip , which is shown by mapview distribution of the whole fault zone , displacement of the strata , drag folding , s - c fabric and association of subsidiary faults , forms the mainly deformational mechanism
  3. According to the spread of nappe and relation between the nappe and depression , oblique - thrust fault zone was divided into three parts in this paper : sertengshan , lvliangshan and xitieshan . ( 3 ) according to macroscopic characteristics of fault zone , cleavage characters of fault zone , drag folds , the reverse " s " fold in the footwall , positive flower structures and small left strike - slip fault , the kinematics characters of fault zone of sertengshan - xitieshan are concluded : thrusting in section , left - slip fault in plane and the strike - slip displacement increasing from the west to the east

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