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• कर्षण गुणक
drag:    तलकर्षण करना
factor:    दूसरे की ओर से
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  1. The dramatically smaller drag factor in moving through air rather than water should make airships cheaper to operate and a lot quicker too.
  2. This was especially noticeable on fast tracks such as Italian Grand Prix ( see above picture ), which cut the drag factor significantly, and allowed Andretti to take a popular'home'victory.
  3. Greater attention to panel gaps improved the drag factor ( reduced from 0.849 Cd to 0.762 Cd ), while also improving the fuel economy and lowering wind noise inside the cabin.
  4. One was to eliminate any extra aerodynamic drag that a protruding oil cooler would produce, in this case eliminating the extra drag factor by enclosing it within the engine's forward cowling.
  5. The defense ministers, while acknowledging the continuing vital role of peacekeepers, expressed concern about " drag factors " on the drive to cement peace and stability across Bosnia, said the NATO official.
  6. In this case, the fan would increase the'drag factor'of the car-requiring more electrical power to push it along-and this would be to a greater extent than could be recouped from the generator attached to the fan.
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