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डोजर टैंक
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  1. Dozer said Baggott already had left him a message Tuesday afternoon.
  2. Dozer : We're going to make some more trips.
  3. Dozer : I would estimate well over a thousand for everything.
  4. Dozer : Naming stadiums like that has become pretty much commonplace.
  5. Diamondbacks President Rich Dozer has heard of all of these innovations.
  6. They're trying to run a dozer line up there.
  7. Never once do they mention anything about dozers or backhoes.
  8. Dozer sounded like a track announcer calling the last furlong at Belmont.
  9. Ticket prices have not been established, Diamondbacks President Richard Dozer said.
  10. Bryan will assume a number of Dozer's responsibilities.
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  1. large powerful tractor; a large blade in front flattens areas of ground

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