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• ढाल

• अनुढाल
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  1. Streams carried rock debris downslope to be deposited in nearby lowlands.
  2. But the perception was that Roberts was on the downslope.
  3. Winds screaming as uphill mountainous air collided with the downslope Foehn winds.
  4. At 21, Bremer was already on a career downslope.
  5. Caught one of the downslopes and just kind of went,
  6. Steam emission was at moderate level, creeping downslope toward the southwest.
  7. Weathered particles are moved downslope by creep, solifluction and rill wash.
  8. Another problem was faced when the oil traveled downslope from Atigun Pass.
  9. Stewart is, at 38, on the downslope of a superb career.
  10. The populations of the Central Asian mountains mostly migrate downslope rather than southwards.
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  1. a downward slope or bend
    synonyms:descent, declivity, fall, decline, declination, declension

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