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  1. The second level consists of hewn oak timbers notched with half-dovetail joints.
  2. In April 1999, " Beautiful " was chosen as Dovetail Joint'�s second single.
  3. We ordered extra-strong drawers made of maple and birch veneer, with dovetail joints.
  4. He officially joined Dovetail Joint in the fall of that year.
  5. If you've got gappy dovetail joints, chances are the gaps are in end grain.
  6. He crafted production runs that fit like a dovetail joint.
  7. A dovetail joint fails to impress if you've never tried to make one yourself.
  8. "' Dovetail Joint "'was a rock band that formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1992.
  9. The Home was constructed with adze-cut squared logs and dovetail joints on two-storey wood frame.
  10. In Europe the dovetail joint is also called a swallow-tail joint or a fantail joint.


  1. a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises

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