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• वापस लौटना
double:    चाल दुगुना जितना
back:    कमर पीछे का
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  1. Simply head north on Vine Street and double back on Hollywood Boulevard.
  2. He doubled back, found the right exit, and fought traffic from there.
  3. Then we doubled back to linger at the spots that interested us.
  4. It was the same truck, doubling back and, seemingly, scouting their movements.
  5. But Rogan doubled back and got stopped on Michigan Avenue, police said.
  6. Brown doubled back into the sequence without breaking the flow of movement.
  7. Along the trail, Tom doubles back and captures Brand and his men.
  8. The road passes through Palekastro where it doubles back towards the south.
  9. Nevertheless, we were shocked and appalled when winter doubled back on us.
  10. With thalidomide, the drug development trail doubles back to Rockville and Entremed.
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  1. retrace one''s course; "The hikers got into a storm and had to turn back"
    synonyms:backtrack, turn back

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