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  1. These dormitory suburbs represent the communist system at its most depressing and dehumanizing.
  2. It has expanded rapidly in recent years as a dormitory suburb of Canberra.
  3. A dormitory suburb for Jerusalem, its red-tiled buildings are deserted during the day.
  4. They now live in Latsia, which has now become a dormitory suburb of Nicosia.
  5. Entire dormitory suburbs were built within a very short time.
  6. Today, Dalgety Bay is a dormitory suburb of Edinburgh.
  7. Rutherglen, and most of the other towns encircling the city, are dormitory suburbs of Glasgow.
  8. Now it is a dormitory suburb of Lagos.
  9. The distinctly Australian'terrace'evolved from earlier Georgian and Regency models to form an exceptionally cohesive dormitory suburb.
  10. The village has 6 parts and acts as a dormitory suburb for commuters from W�rgl and Kufstein.

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