doom and gloom meaning in Hindi

doom and gloom sentence in Hindi
doom:    अर्थी कयामत
and:    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
gloom:    अँधेरा अंधकार
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  1. All the doom and gloom now is the dark before the dawn,
  2. But he stopped short of saying it was all doom and gloom.
  3. The pre-announcements do mitigate the doom and gloom by spreading it out,
  4. But after months of doom and gloom, the SLOC staff seems upbeat.
  5. n It's Too Soon to Predict Doom and Gloom for Hong Kong.
  6. Last year's Venice Film Festival was doom and gloom on the lagoon.
  7. Even so, the digital revolution is not all doom and gloom for Kodak.
  8. But that is not to say that Whitman is all doom and gloom.
  9. I think maybe some people have a doom and gloom attitude.
  10. This is not doom and gloom, but a very exciting time.
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